February Home Sales for Tulsa Metro Statistical Area

Click the link for the latest Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors home sales information. 

February Home Sales for Tulsa Metro Statistical Area

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Value is NOT based on need!

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, this part is for you.

I know, you NEED to sell your house for enough to pay off your mortgage, pay all your closing costs, replace the carpet and the roof, and have several thousand dollars to make a down payment on your next house. Just because you NEED it, doesn’t make it possible. When you bought your house, you shopped around for the house that fit your needs and was the best value.

Guess what? Buyers still do it that way today. Why do you believe they will pay more for it than the similar and comparable property that is less money? News flash: they won’t! Would you? Go ahead, beg your realtor to list it at a higher price than the market analysis you asked him/her to do. Then call your realtor regularly to see why it isn’t getting shown or it’s getting shown but all the buyers have purchased a different house. No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced home. Now, that’s profound…….and very true! —-OR—- pay attention to the advice of the professional with whom you have decided to list your house for sale. If you believe they don’t know the market or what it takes to make it happen, interview another realtor. Look for someone who is honest enough and cares about getting your property sold, not just getting a listing. Cares enough to tell you the truth; that your house has an offensive odor, is too cluttered or crowded, or the carpet is a turn-off. Ask questions, get statistics; don’t get greedy. Form an alliance with your realtor and make a decision to sell or stay.


Here is a link to the statistics for 2010 comparing it to 2009 from the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors.  It is still a great time to buy and sell.  If you have any questions, about this report feel free to give me a call and we will talk about them.  Thanks and make it a great day!!

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State of Real Estate

Wanna play the game “gossip”? Ask your neighbor about the state of the local real estate market and pass it around the block until it gets back to you and see how it makes you feel about the value of your investment. Or, you could rely on the media. That will always make you have a little skip in your step. My point is that if we understand that negative news sells and that we are programmed to gravitate to the negative because there is little or no resistance, then we will seek the truth.

Now, within the last ten years, the real estate market nationwide was amazing and if you could fog a mirror, you could buy a house. No job, no problem – get a stated income, stated assets loan. No money, no problem – include the closing costs and get a 104% loan. Bad credit, no problem – there’s a loan for you; just pay a higher interest rate. Well, now we have made a shift and it’s been a real one. We just have to shift, too.

Everyday, because I’m wearing my real estate name badge, I am asked how the market is and almost without exception, when they ask the question it’s with a grimace on their face as if they are bracing themselves for the response. Come on, we’re in Oklahoma. It’s different but it’s not that bad. Here’s the real scoop and I’ve condensed it to this:

At the end of June 2010, in the Tulsa listing area there were:

6,912 houses on the market      (2009 – 6,037)
764 properties pending               (2009 – 1,081)
YTD Closings- 5,346                      (2009 – 5,136)
YTD Avg Sale Price $150,322   (2009 – $152,721)
9.0 months of inventory            (2009 – 5.6 mos.)

Sellers are still selling. Buyers are still buying. If I were getting my house ready to go on the market, I would make sure that it was ready. By ready, my listing would stand out above the rest. Would I have to do some work? Yep. Would I have to spend a little money? Probably. Would it pay off in the long run? Absolutely. Check out the previous blogs about Staging Your Home to Sell. It makes a difference. I promise!

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Coming Soon…Real Estate Statistics for Greater Tulsa Area

In a recent blog, I said that due to the negative media regarding the economy and real estate, people are curious about the Tulsa area real estate, which includes real estate in Claremore, & the Owasso real estate market plus other areas.  Having been a licensed Realtor for more than 20 years in Oklahoma, I can truly say that I have never been approached more regarding the state of real estate.  Having said that, I am in the process of compiling statistical real estate data for the Tulsa area for comparison.  Please watch for those real estate statistics.  Additionally, if you would like to know specific information on real estate conditions in your neighborhood or comparables for your property, feel free to contact me by email, phone or text anytime.  918-798-7271

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