Inspection Reports – “Heads Up” Buyer

Let’s say today you found the house of your dreams and you can’t live without it.  It is in your price range and it is divine.  It looks like it has really been cared for.  Should you hire an inspector?  Your Realtor® recommends it so you do.

Home Inspector

Buyer, the inspector’s job is to make you aware.  You are looking to expose big problems with which would be a “deal killer”, right?  Remember, you will get a 37 page (give or take a few) report from the inspector that will expose the most minuscule defects along with the big stuff.  Now, keep in mind, inspectors are human.  I know that is hard to believe but it is true.  Sometimes they miss items, sometimes they make recommendations that they shouldn’t in error.  Give them a break and remember, the inspection report is not a “to do” list for the seller.  It is a “heads up” for the buyer.  Is there something so awful in the report that ruins the house of your dreams for you or just minor stuff that is part of home ownership?  There was only one perfect man that ever walked on earth, that was Jesus Christ.  There never has been and never will be a perfect house so stop looking for it!


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