Yuk! Please pass the hand sanitizer!

Want your house to stand out above the competition of houses on the market for sale? Please, please, please clean it up. Now, I know that one person’s clean is not necessarily another person’s clean but let’s face it; either it is clean or its not! If you aren’t a great housekeeper, you know it. Face it and dig in to get it really, really super clean -OR- hire someone to do it.


I mentioned in an earlier blog that buyers look at several houses and it gets kind of confusing so each house is given a name. What name would you give yours? Hmmmmm, let’s see, here are some options I’ve heard lately: cool Tuscan house, red kitchen house, cat pee house, old lady house, mothball house, party yard house, stinky house. Get the idea? I have recently seen, dirty underwear on the floor, goopy sticky stuff on the refrigerator doors, cat poop on the floor, not to mention the, all too common, dirty toilets, over-flowing trash cans and hampers, unmade beds, dirty crusty dishes just about everywhere. Come on! What do you think buyers are saying? You got it! They are saying, “Why do people think they can put their house on the market looking like this”? As a Realtor®, I have to say, “Hmmm, I just don’t know”.

What do you think buyers do next? That’s right………they move on and buy your competition. No one wants to have their house on the market, be inconvenienced by showings, and have to deal with all the unknown only to suddenly realize that is what is happening.

News Flash: if your Realtor® didn’t tell you this, get a new one.  If your Realtor® did and you didn’t pay attention – forget the past, get it together, it’s not too late. If you are the Realtor® and you didn’t tell them, shame on you. That is what they are trusting you and paying you to do! I’m just sayin’…………


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