Custom built! Is that a good thing?

Usually “custom built” is a positive term which one would like to believe means things like, upgrades and extras! Oh, my goodness……people! I am a Realtor® in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area where the average sale price hovers around $140,000. I have been recently showing property in the $300,000 range, which is an above average home, wouldn’t you agree? Having set the stage – I have to say if you are planning to custom build a home in any price range, know that if you do really weird stuff in that home that appeals to you and fits your needs but does not appeal to the masses you are going to lose money!!!!!!! STOP! I said you will lose money! Think ahead! If you already screwed that part up and installed a swirly blue/green faux marble whirlpool tub, shower stall and master bath vanities – replace it or take a hit on your bottom line. If you have a blue wash on your kitchen cabinets, get them redone or take a hit on your bottom line. Custom built: upgraded features and amenities or dysfunctional “one of a kind”?


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