Value is NOT based on need!

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, this part is for you.

I know, you NEED to sell your house for enough to pay off your mortgage, pay all your closing costs, replace the carpet and the roof, and have several thousand dollars to make a down payment on your next house. Just because you NEED it, doesn’t make it possible. When you bought your house, you shopped around for the house that fit your needs and was the best value.

Guess what? Buyers still do it that way today. Why do you believe they will pay more for it than the similar and comparable property that is less money? News flash: they won’t! Would you? Go ahead, beg your realtor to list it at a higher price than the market analysis you asked him/her to do. Then call your realtor regularly to see why it isn’t getting shown or it’s getting shown but all the buyers have purchased a different house. No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced home. Now, that’s profound…….and very true! —-OR—- pay attention to the advice of the professional with whom you have decided to list your house for sale. If you believe they don’t know the market or what it takes to make it happen, interview another realtor. Look for someone who is honest enough and cares about getting your property sold, not just getting a listing. Cares enough to tell you the truth; that your house has an offensive odor, is too cluttered or crowded, or the carpet is a turn-off. Ask questions, get statistics; don’t get greedy. Form an alliance with your realtor and make a decision to sell or stay.


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