I Want My House to Sell in Three Days – Three Hours Would Work!

Recently my builder wanted to show my house to some potential customers of hers and since she has worked so hard to get multiple houses ready for me to show, I did the same for her. Now, there are only two little people who live in our house and it’s only a few years old so nothing major but I did have to pay attention because, remember, the way we live in our homes and the way we market and sell our houses are two completely different things. Here are some things I did:

  1. Vacuum (obvious)
  2. Dust (obvious)
  3. Clean bathrooms (obvious) – put toilet seats down (maybe kinda obvious)
  4. Polish granite (maybe not so obvious)
  5. Wiped all the fingerprints from the cabinet doors with Old English polish which also makes them look alive.
  6. Scrubbed the sink drain thing-a-majig with S.O.S. pad (shiny)
  7. I have a black granite sink so I polished the sink and made sure it didn’t have any water spots.
  8. Inside every dishwasher around the edges is yuk where the dishwasher door seals, and although the inside of the dishwasher is clean, the edges are not, so I cleaned the edges.
  9. People always look at the corner cabinets for a “lazy susan” which I do have so I wiped down the shelves and made sure it didn’t look completely unorganized.
  10. People almost always look in the refrigerator so I made sure it didn’t have drips of anything that needed to be wiped.
  11. My pantry floor was covered with stuff; i.e., bottled water, 2 liter bottles of soda, small appliances, you know – just overflow stuff that two people can’t live without. Uncluttered the pantry – especially the floor.
  12. I also have an island that has a couple of places where there are a few nicks in the paint so I used the walnut Old English to mask the nicks.
  13. Polished the stainless steel appliances.
  14. Wiped out the oven and made sure the top of the range was clean.
  15. We all keep too much stuff out on our counters so I eliminated all the small appliances except the coffee pot. I added a pitcher, a couple of matching coffee mugs in place of a toaster oven. I hid my hand soap, dish soap and hand lotion under my sink. I also hid my napkin holder and added a large bowl full of fruit.
  16. Put away laundry.
  17. Arranged throw pillows – in every room
  18. Straightened master bedroom closet and cleared the vanities of everything that wasn’t really pretty.
  19. Baseboards clean? –  check
  20. Light bulbs functional? – check
  21. 21.   Windows reasonably clean? – check
  22. No cob webs (at least not that I can see)? – check
  23. Desk organized? – check
  24. Decor dusted? – check

Of course, this list varies with every house. Over the top? I think not. The competition is fierce. I kept thinking, “If my house was actually on the market for sale, I would be in competition with new construction”. People like new construction so what could I do to make my house more desirable than new construction? I spent two to three hours getting the house prepared for the showing. Then I lit a fire in the fireplace, turned on some soft music in a couple of rooms, turned on all the lights that would make the house look its best and I left. It looked good, it smelled good and I have no doubt when shown, the buyers would have a warm fuzzy feeling (what I’m always going for since buyers buy on emotion). I know I sure did. Where do I sign?


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