You Can’t Sell IT if You Can’t See IT

Preparing Your House to Sell – Final Tips

The largest investment of our lives is our home and by reading these blogs you are helping to protect and preserve your investment.  As a Realtor and a homeowner for many, many years, I understand the importance of maximizing your ability to sell at the highest price possible.  If you have followed my advice in these blogs and put in the time, I imagine you are pretty impressed with the results.  These final tips will finish your preparation and you will be ready for a sign in your yard while you sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the quick results.

Curb appeal is important.  Has your landscaping overgrown the house?  Remember “you can’t sell it if you can’t see it!”  Cut back all shrubs to window height that block light or view from windows. (If you are afraid they won’t bloom next year, remember you won’t be there, so don’t worry!)  Kidding aside, seldom will trimming shrubs keep them from budding or blooming next year.

  1. Move all children’s toys to one are of the back yard.
  2. Clean and sweep paved driveways.
  3. Rake, weed or re-gravel driveways which are not concrete.
  4. In the backyard – remove any extra items from the yard, such as tools, piles of lumber, auto parts, etc.

Remember many blogs ago, the story I told about my listings that wouldn’t sell until they were staged?  I have been using these tips now for years with exceptional success.  I am a Realtor and I am available to help.  You may reach me at 918-798-7271.

“The Way You Live in Your Home and the Way We Sell Your Home are Two Different Things!”

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