Sprucing Up the Exterior

Preparing Your House to Sell – Tips #12

 In this age of internet listings and virtual tours, buyers will usually go through the process of elimination on line first, then the process of elimination through drive – bys.  The first impression when a buyer drives up to a home is critical.  Walk across the street from the property and think like a buyer.  What do you see?

Take a hard look at the front door and trim.  Give special attention to this because this is where buyers will get their first opportunity to make a close inspection of your home.  Does it need repainting or staining?  Repainting doors and trim will help make the house look crisp and in good condition.  This is one of the least expensive things you can do to dress up a home.  Regarding colors:  if it goes on an Easter egg, it doesn’t go on your house.  Drive through some new construction neighborhoods to get some ideas of what is popular at this time.

Sweep all decks, walks, porches and patios and keep them swept.  Remove any moss from all decks, walks and patios.  Decks should be pressure washed and stained or painted if they are in need of it.  Reduce clutter on decks, porches and patios so that they look bigger. Get rid of old flowerpots, barbeques, charcoal, planters, toys, construction materials and excess furniture.  If you have outdoor furniture create one simple “room setting” of clean furniture that will remind buyers of the usefulness of the space.

Clean all debris and moss from roof and gutters.  If you know you need a new roof, address it now because it will definitely come up later.

Repair broken fences and paint if necessary.

Plants are like children – they grow up so fast!  First they are little and cute, then they seem just right and all of a sudden they’re so big we hardly know how to take care of them!  You can’t trim the kids, but you can trim your plants.  If they need it, do it now.

Rake and weed flower beds.  If possible spread new mulch to put a finishing touch on the landscape.  Remove, and if needed replace all dead plants.  Mow lawn and keep it mowed on a weekly basis during the growing season.  Trim branches around roofline to prevent animals, insects, and foliage from getting on roof.

The final blog for the exterior of “Preparing Your House to Sell” is coming up so hang in there.

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