Getting the Closets Organized

Preparing Your House to Sell – Tips #10

Outgrown your house and need something bigger?  Well, your buyers may have outgrown their current home and your house is a move up.  With a little time and effort you can prepare your house to showcase its benefits and amenities such as spacious closets.

Make sure you can open the closet door freely without something falling out on a prospective buyer.  Nesting baskets are a great way to store lots of stuff that you use regularly and don’t want to pack and store.  They are inexpensive, can often be purchased at the Dollar store, Wal-Mart or Lowe’s, and will completely transform your cabinets and closets.  I used lots of them when I put my personal house on the market and I am enjoying the organization of the nesting baskets still in my new home.

Remove all the stuff that sits on the closet floor like excess luggage, shoes, blankets, games, etc.  Leave nothing at all on the floor of the closets.  Arrange and fold all the linens and blankets to look like a shelf in a department store displaying their goods.  If you have lots of bulky comforters and don’t want to pack and store them, you can purchase inexpensively those space bags that once filled; your vacuum will remove the air and squish the contents to a skinny little bag of goods that can easily fit in your closet or storage unit.

In my area, we don’t have many basements but we have some and they can be somewhat troublesome for people who aren’t accustomed to the nature of basements. Beware of smells, musty odors, and dampness.  Do your best to alleviate problems by repairing and cleaning problem areas.  Use a room de-humidifier to aid in removing the dampness and smell. If you use the basement for storage, condense the piles to one corner of one area of the basement. Repair cracks in ceilings and walls.  Clear all drains.

Wow!  You are so close to being done.  I promise I will still talk about curb appeal so don’t miss that important part of “Preparing Your House to Sell”.

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