The Goal…Pending…Sold…CLOSED!!

Getting Your House Ready to Sell – Tips #8

I know, you are thinking, “This is ridiculous – too much to do just to get ready to sell.  I’ve seen lots of houses on the market that didn’t have all this stuff done to it”.  Well, I say, “They are on the market”.  Your goal is not to be on the market but to be pending – SOLD – Closed!  Remember back when I talked about selling in the least amount of time for the most amount of money.  Keep up with me here.  Just a little more to go.

Master Bedroom – Make the bed every single day without fail.  Invest in a new bedspread if necessary or a “bed-in-a-bag”.  Nothing too busy as busy beds/fabrics don’t photograph well.

Clear off bedside tables and chest of drawers except for a very few necessary items (remember living room coffee and end tables).  Store extra books and magazines underneath the bed.  Keep closet door closed.  If you have a walk-in closet keep the floor clean and free of laundry and clutter.  If you have a clock radio, keep it playing soft music during showings.  Reduce the number of photos on tables and chest of drawers to a minimum.  Master bedrooms and bathrooms are at the top of the list of importance so de-personalize and unclutter.

Remove plastic runners on carpet or hardwood floors in hallways.

Follow the master bedroom guidelines for all other bedrooms.  In children’s rooms take down all the posters except for one favorite (non-offensive) over the bed; repair nail holes and paint walls.  Many times children’s rooms are painted shocking colors.  If it’s shocking, it’s not a good idea.  Paint that room a color that flows with the rest of the house color.

In the laundry room, put all soaps and cleaners in a cupboard or reduce the number and organize them neatly on one shelf.  Are you kidding-stage the laundry room?  Yes, if it’s a mess and crowded for you, buyers will believe it will be for them, too.  Just like the kitchen, keep counters and sinks clean and empty.  Get rid of excess hangers and hanging laundry.  If you have a drying area, replace all those miscellaneous hangers with one style of white plastic hangers.

Make sure that light bulbs are working and have adequate wattage.  Many laundry rooms are too dark and need to be brighter.

It looks like a lot in print but this is a half a day project for the rooms in this blog so get started and you will still have time for a nice lunch with a friend or loved one.  Do not dismay, it is about time to reap the benefits of your labor of love.  Okay, labor of necessity.  I will talk about everyone’s favorite – bathrooms next.  Stick with me here for more tips on “Getting Your House Ready to Sell”.

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