Next on the List…Bathrooms!

Preparing Your House to Sell – Tips #9 

I’m glad you are back and by now you may be considering not selling since your house is really looking and smelling fine by now.  Either way, you will enjoy and be thankful that you are doing these things now.

Bathrooms – Clear off counters.  Reduce toiletries down to a decorative few (3-6) and consolidate them on a tray or decorative basket.  Put everything else in drawers or cabinets.

Replace that ugly dirty hand soap with a neat bottle of liquid soap.  Coordinate all towels with one or two colors.  Fold in thirds and hang neatly everyday.  New towels can be purchased very inexpensively if the ones you have don’t match or look worn.  Clear everything out of the shower and tub except for one soap and one shampoo.

Clean or replace the shower curtain.  Keep shower curtains drawn at all times. 

One common problem in a lot of bathrooms is cracking or peeling just above the top of the shower tile or tub enclosure where it meets the dry wall or ceiling.  Repair using caulking and paint or install wood trim coated in polyurethane.  Get rid of mold and stains throughout bathroom, especially in the shower and bathtub area.  Most tubs and showers need a fresh new bead of silicone caulking around the edges to make them look neat and clean.

Take all cloth toilet lid covers and water closet cover off.  Keep toilet lids down everyday but make sure the inside of the toilet is sparkling clean.  Hide all cleaning supplies and garbage under sink or out of the line of sight.

Scatter rugs in front of sink and toilet and shower make the room look small.   Use one larger rug in the middle of the room or none at all.  I am a fan of a little décor on the vanity counter in the bathrooms, especially in the master if there is room.  A vase with some fresh flowers, fresh towels, a nice candle, or even a small picture and some greenery is a nice touch.  Not too much, just a little touch for interest.

I haven’t gotten to closets yet so it’s definitely coming up.  Closets are extremely important.  If I’ve heard it once –  well you know….”not much storage”.  If you are busting at the seams, buyers will feel they will be, too.  It’s not as bad as you think.  Tune in to my next blog on closets, basements and other tips on “Preparing Your House to Sell”.

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