Conquering the Kitchen

Getting Your House Ready to Sell – Tips #7

As I promised in my last blog, we will talk today about the kitchen.  I just felt like Paula Dean when I said that.  Not cooking –  getting your kitchen ready to sell.

The main question in the kitchen is what can you live without?  Clear off counters leaving only a very few items that you have to use on a daily basis.  Everything else should be kept off the counters to create space.  Most homes have far too many appliances and other items out that should be stored out of sight.  Leave a few larger items on the counters like a bowl of fruit or a basket with bread in it.  Toasters, mixers, blenders, coffee pots, (okay maybe keep the coffee pot) all the appliances you can store in a pantry or inside a cabinet, do so.

Repair any tile or Formica countertops that have been damaged or come unglued.  Clean tile grout with bleach if it is stained.  Remove all magnets, photos, children’s drawings, etc., from the refrigerator front.  If there are a couple of truly necessary items put them on the side of the refrigerator but I prefer they be kept in a drawer, a nesting basket or otherwise out of sight.

Clean the stovetop and oven. Replace old burner pans if they are badly stained.  Even if the refrigerator isn’t included in the sale of the house, clean it and make sure it smells fresh – they will look!  Clean all exhaust fans, filters, and hoods.  Clean the kitchen floor and keep it clean for showings. Make sure faucet is working smoothly without drips and is clean. Remember to pack up the collections in the kitchen, too.  Pack up the antique plate collection and whatever else will distract buyers and take up space.  Keep all soaps, towels, scouring pads and cleaning supplies out of sight underneath the sink.  Some kitchens have too many scatter rugs in them.  Too many rugs make a room look smaller.  If space allows, one large rug in the middle of the kitchen looks great.  Empty garbage regularly to prevent kitchen odors.  Move pet dishes so that they don’t interfere with buyers walking around the room.

If these chores aren’t on your regular cleaning list prior to getting ready to sell, you may have some wrinkled hands after all this cleaning but the cook in the family that looks at your house will greatly appreciate all your wrinkled skin.  Keep up the good work.  Stay tuned for more tips on “Getting Your House Ready to Sell”.

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