Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Tips #6

Don’t give up now; you are just getting to the fun stuff by now.

Don’t be afraid to move furniture from room to room.  That extra chair from the living room or dining room may just look great in the master bedroom.  In general, pack up the little things.  Little things create clutter and they will need to be packed up anyway, so pack them up now.  If you go into model homes that are newly constructed you will see that they are usually sparingly decoratedIn a resale home you need to create space for buyers to mentally move into the room by reducing clutter and the overall number of items.  Clear off all coffee tables and end tables to just 2 or 3 nice magazines and one nice vase, lamp or a statue. 

Clear off the dining room table except for one nice centerpiece. Remove tablecloth from table unless the table is in bad shape and needs to be covered.  Remove from the table to make the room look bigger.       Remove extra dining chairs if they crowd the table or fill up the corners of the room.  Two to four chairs are usually plenty unless it’s a very large formal room.  It will make the room look bigger and you can put the extra chairs in the garage or a storage unit.  See the living room section above concerning removing or reducing the number of items, valuable items and collections.  It all applies here too, especially in a buffet.

In my next blog tips for getting your house ready to sell, we will work on the kitchen which is big.  By big, I mean really important.  Entry, den/greatroom, kitchen, master suite all rate up at the top of the chart in importance.  Oh, I didn’t mention curb appeal but we are definitely going to get to that.  Stay tuned!

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