More Tips for Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Tips #5

Well, by now you may be feeling pretty confident and enjoying the changes you’ve made.  Don’t get too attached, remember you’re getting it ready to sell.

Be sensitive to odors, because buyers are!  Excessive cooking or smoking odors, dog or cat odors, baby odors, laundry and mildew odors will turn buyers off.  If there is a challenge in your home, use room deodorants or disinfectant sprays and keep windows cracked open even in very hot or cold weather for ventilation. There are great products in pet stores for pet odors, and many professional carpet cleaners have special ozone machines that can really help with difficult odors.  You can’t sell it if you can smell it! More and more people are developing allergies to fragrances so don’t burn candles and have lots of fragrant potpourri, plug-ins…….you get the idea.  A fresh, clean house will serve you much better than overwhelming fragrances and the buyers won’t think you are trying to mask a problem.

Wash all windows and make sure they are working freely.  If the seal is broken on a double pane window replace it now.  Repair items that are broken.  This will show that your home is well taken care of.  In many cases buyers will ask for them to be repaired anyway, so do it now.  Buyers usually overestimate the cost of repairs so you won’t want to try and negotiate obvious repairs or deferred maintenance.

By now you are beginning to see progress and why these things are so important in getting your house ready to sell.  Unless you are offering your house as a “good buy” for someone, as-is, you are beginning to understand that buyers who are paying market value don’t want to inherit your undone projects.  Remember the pay off will be worth the work.  Stay tuned for additional tips on “Getting Your House Ready to Sell”.

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