Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Tips #4

Remember in my last blog, I mentioned that all of these tips will not apply to you.  It is important that homeowners look at every suggestion with objective eyes.  The pay-off is worth the extra attention.

Wood-burning fireplaces need to be cleaned out.  Glass doors should be cleaned.  Mantels and hearths need to be cleared off except for a very few decorative items.  If it is off-season, stage your fireplace with two or three logs after it is cleaned out.  Of course, if you have a gas log fireplace, it likely doesn’t need to be cleaned but check the screen or doors and dust as needed.

To create more space you may want to remove a chair, loveseat or other pieces of furniture. (Remember the model home!)  Did we talk about renting a storage unit?  Most people find it necessary.     

Pack up all collections.  (You’re going to need to pack them up sooner or later anyway).  They become a distraction for buyers from the desired focal point….your house.   Reduce the number of books on bookshelves.  Pack up extra books early! 

Reduce the number of family photos on the shelves, pianos, and tables and even walls.  Eliminate the “wall of fame” (family photos) usually in the hall.  Reduce the number of wall hangings photos and paintings in every room to one large piece on a wall or a small group of three.  Make sure they are hung at eye level for the average person – not eye level for Michael Jordan. 

Okay, if you have been following all the tips from the beginning, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed but take a deep breath and don’t panic.  If you have done it all to this point, you should be feeling pretty good about your progress and you should be enjoying the changes.  Keep up the good work.  Look for more tips on my next blog for, “Getting your home ready to sell”.

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