Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Tip #2

In every room, stand in the doorway and look at the room through the eyes of a buyer.  What do you see?  Ask, “What can I live without while my house is on the market?” Most carpets need to be cleaned if not replaced.  Have them professionally cleaned before putting your home on the market. “Buyers only know what they see, not what it’s going to be”! Unless the home is a “fixer,” badly worn or very out-of-date carpets should be replaced before coming on the market.  Offering a buyer a credit to pick their own new carpet or discounting the price is far less effective and will always end up costing the seller more money and slow the selling process.  Pick a light colored short plush, or frieze carpet. Real estate beige is the safest color.

Check all lights.  Are they working properly?  Replace all burned out light bulbs.  Look for dark hallways and corners and increase the wattage of bulbs in those areas. Fluorescent light bulbs are extremely inexpensive to use so replace the light bulbs in those lamps with soft fluorescent bulbs and leave them on while you are away.  Make sure there are lamps in dark corners that are turned on for all showings.  It is important to remember that buyers buy on emotion and with a few inexpensive adjustments and some work on your part your property can out-shine the competition.  With a surplus of inventory, the pretty ones will sell at a higher price in the least amount of time.  Watch my future blogs for additional tips on “Getting your home ready to sell”.

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