Buying Mums

mumsBuying mums, cutting back summer plants, bringing up split wood for the fireplace, opening the windows, closing the windows, opening the windows, planting pansies…….what to wear?

Autumn in Oklahoma!  I love the season changes.  Yes, every single season.  The past two weeks have been amazing as I have enjoyed the changing of the seasons in Oklahoma and I traveled to my sister’s home on Beaver Lake in Arkansas.  My sister, Shelly and her husband, Doug, live in a beautiful home on a bluff overlooking the lake and the trees right now are changing.  Stunning view – not to mention that they have added the mother lode of all decks!  It was pretty cold while we were there but it didn’t keep us from bundling up in jackets and blankets with hot coffee to enjoy this that I don’t see often.  It was nearly freezing temperatures and today 70’s.  What to wear?

Did I mention – listening to Christmas music?  I prefer no countdowns to the day of Christmas but I do like to enjoy the season as long as I can.  Okay, I’m not decorating the house or anything but while I’m watching the trees change with my windows open, listening to Christmas music, I am thankful that I live in Oklahoma.

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