The “Pretty” Ones

What have you heard it is?  Location, Location, Location?  Maybe you have heard:  Location, Condition, Price?  If I asked you, “which houses sell?”,  what would be your answer?  Well, of course, all of the above are true and all are important but………

Several years ago, I had a couple of listings that were in good areas, priced within the market value for similar properties, well maintained and Realtors were showing the properties to qualified buyers but………nothing.  After six months of this, the Sellers are more than frustrated and I am searching for a new plan as my own frustration has exceeded my comfort zone.   The house just didn’t reach out and grab anyone and it was a great floor plan. 

Through years and years of helping buyers buy houses and sellers sell houses; I knew that buyers buy on emotion.  You know that “warm and fuzzy” feeling that makes you act.  Well, in the absence of the “warm fuzzies” you get nothing.  Why is that?  Because, buyers keep looking until the “warm fuzzies” show up.  Now, there is the occasional analytical buyer but rare and often offset by the “warm fuzzy” spouse. 

So, back to the property listing problem:  I asked the seller if I could bring in some décor and rearrange some things which was perfectly fine with them.  One of the agents in my office helped me and we changed a few things, moved the furniture, and eliminated some things.  Voila!  Two offers in the first week!  Okay, it was so obvious.  Remember, I said, I had a couple of listings like that.  Well, sure, we did the same thing to the other one and had a contract within two weeks. 

Before staging became an everyday word and before HGTV made staging famous, we had figured it out!  The pretty ones sell.  Remember, pretty is a relative term and is usually based on price range.  My co-worker and I knew then what we had to do.  We, of course, didn’t call it “staging” because “staging” wasn’t a trademarked term yet.  It is now.  Yes, we eventually went to school and got our accreditation so we could actually say we could “stage” your house to sell.  As you probably guessed, neither of us “stage” properties other than our listings and it is included in the listing fee.  What a deal!  Sellers not only love the way their house looks and feels but the love the results that “staging” brings.  

Remember my last blog where I talked about the house listing where the pictures looked like someone was actually in the master bed and the big black bag of trash on that beautiful slate floor? (btw: not my listing)  It’s important to note here that when it expired, I listed that house, “staged” it and it sold!  The way we live in our homes and the way we market our houses are completely different!

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