Where to Advertise??

If you were in the market to purchase a home, how would you go about the search process?  Due to the fact that you are reading this blog I’m certain you would be doing an on-line search and have an idea of the market in the area you will be looking and moving.  If you are an average buyer, you will do most of that on-line property research prior to contacting a real estate professional.  If you live in the area already, chances are, you will go through the “process of elimination” prior to even viewing these houses in person on the inside.  On-line search, interior photos, virtual tours, public addresses, and drive-bys – all contribute to the way things have changed.  In the 80’s, the Realtors had all the property listing information and buyers had to call a real estate professional and ask them to share that information.  Not so, anymore! 

Now, imagine you want to sell your property.  How would you go about the process of finding a Realtor?  Would you pick up a magazine in the grocery store and search for an agent that advertises they have integrity, or the agent with the largest ad, biggest houses, prettiest face, or nice logo?  Would you drive around town and check out whose names are on the for sale signs?  If you were interviewing real estate agents, would you want an agent that advertises in the local newspaper or an agent who makes sure your listing has a large web presence? 

For years, I have held the position that Realtors and Sellers look at the real estate ads in the paper but Buyers check the web.  As a seller, it’s the right buyer you want, just one will do, right?  Unless you are selling “AS IS” and the house needs “TLC” (realtor terms, you know) then your property needs to look really good.  I mean, it needs to be clean, tidy, de-personalized and staged.  Every home can fit these criteria for the size and price range!

 Pictures of your property need to be all over the web.  Good pictures.  I recently saw a $300,000 house (way above average price for the area) which looked like someone was actually in the master bed and a large black bag of trash right in the floor of the beautiful Olde World kitchen with slate floors.  Are you kidding?  What is wrong with that real estate agent?  I felt so bad for the sellers who obviously didn’t know it was picture day and now those photos were plastered all over the place.  Bad pictures, no problem – re-takes!  Get it right.  This is important stuff.  Watch for future blog on staging!


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