Going to the Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa State Fair – what an amazing event!  I haven’t been to the fair in years since my husband doesn’t like the fair.  I enjoy the exhibits, watching the people and there are some amazing people to watch, but most of all “fair food”.  Well, this year, Brett agreed to treat me to the fair and we decided it would be a relaxed eating trip.  After entering the gate we went straight to the corn dogs.  What’s better than a huge crowd, long line, fall weather, and a foot long fair corn dog with lots of mustard?  When you are a Realtor, now that we have smart phones, sometimes relaxed eating trips like that get interrupted with business.  My dear hubby doesn’t mind, or if he does, he sure doesn’t show it.  He continues to be extremely supportive and patient, urging me to “take what time you need”.  Smart phones are a great way to have a successful real estate business, be accessible, and still have a life.  Anyway, I have gotten off the subject a bit.

 What amazes me most about the fair is the impact it has on the local economy.  Remember that we own a restaurant, and noticed that business has been slower this past week or so and one of our employees mentioned that it’s the fair.  I thought, oh, right, the fair.  Who are you kidding?  It’s the fair – and most people don’t even like the fair.  Who was I kidding?  I had carry out lunch at a local café yesterday which is usually so crowded at lunch there is not a seat to be had.  Not yesterday, about 6 or 8 people and plenty of seating at 12:20.  I asked, how’s business?  One of the owners said, “It’s really good, it’s just slow like this, e-v-e-r-y  year during the fair! “  Are you kidding?  Don’t people eat lunch during the fair?  It gets better – she continued to say that one of their customers who works at a tire shop was in and mentioned that they expect it.  “During the fair”, he said, “e-v-e-r-y year they don’t do anything”.  What?  People don’t get their tires fixed during the fair?  This is an annual event.  I haven’t noticed this phenomenon in the real estate business for the past 20+ years, thank God.  Could it be that once you’ve planned to sell your house or a home purchase, it’s okay to forego the famous foot long corn dog or funnel cake?  Maybe, next year, I will be treated again to the fair and will look at the experience in a completely different light.

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