My Goal as a Realtor

More than 20 years has passed since it was suggested that I get a real estate license and nobody told me, at the time, that nine out of every ten people who enter into real estate get out of real estate in less than one year. I just thought it would work for me. It didn’t turn out to be what I thought it was going to be but it did happen to be what I think I was meant to do. In the beginning, I began my real estate career in Owasso and learned basic real estate from some very fine real estate agents who had been helping people buy and sell houses in Owasso for years. When the company I worked for sold to a larger company and I felt we had definite philosophical differences, I was recruited to work for the company I am now with, OklaHomes Realty. At the time it was called First Team Realtors. I immediately began acquainting myself with subdivisions and home market values in Claremore. My goal is and always has been to make a difference. I enjoy being involved in helping people get what they want and/or need in a home – a place to make family memories. People think Realtors sell real estate, but the truth is that our job is to help – to make a difference, one family at a time. In the 20+ years that I have been serving as a real estate professional in the Tulsa area, I have met and loved many buyers, many sellers and have learned from and worked with many wonderful people, Realtors included. I love my job!


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